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Physiotherapy should be routine care for many Australians

Physiotherapists play a vital recovery role in many of life’s common and inevitable health challenges, yet remain undervalued and underfunded, according to the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Residents in aged care facilities is just one group of individuals the APA believes should have access to high quality physiotherapy services.

APA President Phil Calvert said the Government needed to invest in training to ensure staff could deal with complex care needs and afford residents dignity and respect.

“Unfortunately, funding has incentivised keeping the elderly sick and on medication rather than providing rehabilitation and wellbeing programs,” he said.

“There are thousands of physiotherapists providing much needed care in residential aged care homes.

“They tell me of their despair at being prevented them from delivering the holistic care that ageing Australians need.”

Pregnant women is another large demographic who should have access to physiotherapy as a matter of routine, according to the APA, who last year called for women’s health physiotherapists to be included in the care teams for all Australian pregnant women.
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