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Physiotherapy gap for breast cancer patients causing chronic pain and impacting quality of life

Breast cancer patient Kimmie Jonceski was given a pamphlet and a brief consultation with a physiotherapist, who advised her to keep her arms and shoulders moving after her initial mastectomy surgery.

Even after the “massive operation” of breast reconstruction, she said there was no physiotherapy follow-up.

“Having a dance background, I’m generally stretching my whole body every week, so this is something that I am used to doing, but I know that this is not the case for everyone,” she said.

Once she got home after her first surgery, she diligently followed the exercises given to her, but even 18 months on she is still working hard to manage her flexibility.

“I still find that I often have to stretch an arm to keep it mobile and flexible, otherwise it freezes up and I’m back at square one,” she said.

“Sometimes this can also be quite painful.

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