With the launch of a new Position Statement – Animal Physiotherapy – the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) wants all animals, whether they are high performance competitors, working animals or much loved family pets, to be treated by highly qualified experts.

National Chair of the APA Animal Group, Lynne Harrison said the APA is calling on veterinary surgeons to only refer their clients to qualified allied health professionals, such as animal physiotherapists, to ensure the most appropriate and skilled treatment for all animals.

“Physiotherapy is not only for people, it also offers essential rehabilitation and treatment for animals to improve their quality of life and, to assist in prevention and recovery from injuries.”

“Animal physiotherapists work closely with veterinary surgeons predominantly treating horses, dogs and cats, both pets and working or performance animals such as racehorses, show jumpers and greyhounds.”

“Physiotherapists working with animals offer the same skills and multidisciplinary care as in human health care, helping to reduce pain, improve function and mobility and prevent recurrence of injury. The results are better outcomes for animals following surgery and neurological events, and an improved quality of life for elderly animals and those undergoing palliative treatment.”

Published by the APA to read more open the attached link https://australian.physio/media/animals-humans-deserve-best-health-care