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The best exercises to prevent and reduce bingo wings – Starts at 60

Bingo wings may be more common as people get older, but there’s plenty of exercises that can tone the arms and reduce flabbiness. Source: Getty

Tuckshop lady arms. Bingo wings. Sugargliders. Whatever you call them, flabby arms tend to be one of the first things people want to target when it comes to exercise and toning up the body.

As people age, it’s normal to lose muscle strength to hormone changes and lifestyle factors. Being less active causes the muscles to reduce in size and also makes areas like our arms a prime location for fat to accumulate.

“The dreaded ‘bingo wing’ is an accumulation of fatty tissue on the rear side of the upper arm, where the tricep muscle group is located,” Andrew Wynd, APA sports physiotherapist at Balwyn Sports and Physiotherapy Centre, tells Starts at 60. “As this area gets flabby, these ‘wings’ tend to flop and shake with arm movements – hence the nickname.”

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