The Australian Government’s National Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan, released to support and safeguard the mental health of Australians during and beyond COVID-19, is a much needed additional resource in our national health response.

Australians living with mental health conditions are twice as likely to develop diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases which can result in a reduced lifespan of as much as 30 years1.

APA National President Phil Calvert says, “Given the significant comorbidities often associated with poor mental health, it makes sense that a multidisciplinary health team is utilised to support Australians living with these conditions.”

“The role of physiotherapy is often understated in the context of treating a person’s mental health, but it is as important as other health provider roles in identifying underlying health issues and providing appropriate care and support. Poor mental health is a culmination of many different factors, but small steps can create a huge impetus for motivation, engagement and ultimately improved health.”

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