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Five weight-bearing exercises all over-60s should know

When it comes to health and wellbeing in older age, over-60s are repeatedly being told to introduce regular exercise to their daily routine. From weight loss to boosting the immune system and even reducing the risk of chronic diseases, exercise has an array of benefits for our health.

One type of exercise that is particularly pertinent for over-60s to maintain strong bones and healthy muscles and tendons is weight-bearing training.

In simple terms, weight-bearing training is strength or resistance exercise that forces your weight to bear down towards the ground. We do many simple weight-bearing exercises every day, such as walking, but for training purposes we can increase the difficulty by adding weights, resistance and repetition.

Some of the most common types of weight-bearing exercises are squats, lunges and push-ups, all of which require different parts of the body to bear our weight as we lower towards the ground and push back up again. Other higher impact weight-bearing exercises include running, high-impact aerobics, skipping and dancing.

These types of exercises help keep our bodies strong as we age and help maintain suppleness and strength in our muscles and bones, which weaken naturally with age.

This article has been published by the APA open link to read more .

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