A new report released by Bupa shows health insurance claims for knee and hip replacement surgeries were the most expensive items it paid out for in 2018, totalling more than $420 million. The report says much of this is attributable to an ageing and increasingly overweight population. 

This is particularly alarming given that a physiotherapy prescribed exercise and education program, in conjunction with weight management support, could avert more than 70 per cent of knee replacement surgeries alone in Australia each year, saving up to $300 million.

APA National President Phil Calvert is not surprised by the cost explosion in joint replacement claims, saying “Physio research has highlighted the enormous costs of knee and hip replacement surgeries and the subsequent cost saving that could be made by having consumers see a physiotherapist for review before surgery is scheduled.”

Published by the AMA to read more open the attached link https://australian.physio/media/bupa-pays-out-more-420m-joint-replacement-claims-yet-physio-could-avert-70-these-costs