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Strength Training For Two During Your Pregnancy

Bulging bellies are becoming just as common as bulging biceps in gyms around Australia. Training for 2 during pregnancy has become not only accepted but actively encouraged by specialists, doctors and physiotherapists.

In days gone by, pregnant women were encouraged to rest, need to ‘take it easy’ whilst growing another little person. Once warned against exercise, expecting Mums are now being encouraged to keep exercising, in particular, strength train, as long as they can during pregnancy.

And let’s face it, mums need their strength!  There are 2 very clear reasons why strength training is important before, during and after pregnancy.

Firstly, the average pregnant mother will carry about 12 kg of extra weight (including baby) during the nine months of her pregnancy.  That’s 12 extra kilos on knees, back, hips and pelvis. At this point, you will be very happy for every ounce of strength in your quads and lower back!

Secondly, the average newborn in Australia weighs 3.3kg. On average, this doubles by 4 months and triples by 12 months. So on day 1 of motherhood, mothers will be lifting this weight daily, after a few months you might be lifting 7kg 100 times per day. A good question to ask yourself might be ‘How would I feel tomorrow if I lifted and carried a 7kg dumbbell all day?

This need to be strong explains the rise and rise in pregnant women frequenting specialist strength training gyms.

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