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Pelvic Rehabilitation Pelvic Model 942
Pelvic floor is like any muscle and can be controlled. Pelvic pain or altered sensations in the scrotum, penis, labia, vulva, pelvic floor area, low abdomen, bladder or groin may have a musculoskeletal cause or be related to neuropathic pain syndromes like Pudendal Neuropathy. Buttock pain may be related to hip-lumbar-pelvic dysfunction.

PGP refers to pain felt either at the back of the pelvis, on one or both sides, and/or pain over the pubic joint. Pain is generally located between the top of the pelvis and the bottom of the buttocks. Pain may be referred into the buttock and/or down the leg, so it’s often confused with sciatica.

PGP involving the pubic symphysis joint can also refer pain to the groin, inner thigh, lower abdomen, and vaginal area.


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